Energy Monitoring and Saving

The B.One Hub can be connected to and control each electric switch in your home, so you can turn on/off any appliance / lights / fans / air conditioner via your smartphone, no matter where in the world you are!

Security System - Your Digital Watchdog

B.One Hub’s wireless siren and strobe lights help alert owners in case of a security breach or safety alert, no matter where in the world they are!

Automation Gateway

Various sensors placed in your home/ office all connect with the B.One Hub, which in turn helps you automate and control your home. For e.g., motion sensors at your main door give you real time instant alerts on your smartphone. You can take action by choosing to remotely open the door for select people.

Universal Remote Control

The B.One Hub is your one-stop destination that allows you to consolidate the control of the various remote controls in your home. You can control all the devices using your smartphone.

Media Manager

B.One Hub’s media manager makes use of all its sensors and IR capabilities to give you the power to control all your media devices seamlessly and effortlessly with one single interface.

Smart Home Upgrade Starter Kit

Experience the simplicity of home automation through this B.One Hub Starter Kit.

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Arm and monitor your Smart Home from anywhere and feel secure. Built for Security, B.One Hub is built on a Military Grade Encryption platform with its own battery and cellular network backup. It is always ON and always Connected.

Energy Management and Lighting Control

B.One allows you to manage and control all your energy devices using one single app. Know what devices are consuming how much power and make your environment energy efficient.

Comfort and Entertainment

B.One Hub monitors your Smart Home Thermostats, Humidity Sensors, CO Sensors and Smoke Sensors . B.One Hub has an on board Infrared Remote Chip with which you can manage all your IR remote controlled devices from one App. It is truly a Universal Remote control that works with both old and new Smart devices.


Actions are a series of highly customisable and configurable BOTs, based on user preferences, which can be activated at a touch of a button.

Syncs WithTM Eco-System

Supports over 60 devices and all prominent Wireless Protocol standards. We are rapidly increasing our ecosystem and aiming at reaching over 200 devices by mid 2017.

Universal Remote Control

B.One Hub is the world’s first true universal remote control with its on-board IR blasters and its ability to work with different devices at home. B.One lets you personalise and integrate control of various devices like lights, locks, thermostats, sensors, home entertainment and many more.

B.One Hub lets your old devices work with new smart devices.

Talk to Your Home

Activate with your voice

B.One offers a voice control system that allows you to speak to your home and your home will respond to your commands. We use the technology of Amazon Echo along with  our own VoiceActTM platform. Imagine, now you can just speak to your house to switch on lights of play your favourite music and it will be done.

Smart Got Smarter with Actions

B.One Hub Actions enables you control multiple devices with one single touch or voice command. With Actions, you can customise and control multiple events at your home.

Always connected

B.One Hub has dual communication redundancy built-in. Always stay connected to your house when you are away. Even in the event of Internet outage, B.One works on cellular network and switches to cellular network providing you the same features and functionality.

B.One has a built-in battery back up of up to 24 hour.

Instinct to Action

with InstinctActTM

B.One is a self-learning Home Automation and Security Hub. It runs on our proprietary Artificial Intelligence Engine which analyses and predicts actions. Imagine a Home that knows what you want, instinctively!

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